Stop Calling: How to Revoke Consent

Consumers frequently receive unwanted cell phone calls for sales, marketing, debt collection and surveys. These calls violate the law if they are placed without consent through the use of a computerized dialing system or uses a recorded message. Even if the consumer consented to receive the initial call or calls, the consumer may revoke their consent to receive future calls.

Consent may be revoked verbally or in writing, simply by instructing the caller to stop calling. If consent is revoked in writing, then it is worthwhile to keep a copy of the letter or other written instruction, along with proof of receipt.

Likewise, if consent is revoked verbally, then it’s helpful to create a note recording the following information:

  • the date, time and length of the call;
  • the name of the person to whom you spoke;
  • the caller’s number;
  • the substance of the conversation, including your specific instruction (e.g. “stop calling me”)
  • identify this call on your cellular telephone bill or call log

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