Lehrmanclassaction.com discusses some important robocall facts and statistics.

Consumers Need to Know These Important Robocall Facts and Stats

For most people, unwanted phone calls from telemarketers are a common part of life. This problem is far more widespread than most people are aware. As is discussed below, billions of prerecorded calls from telemarketers, also known as robocalls, are made each month. Robocalls are automated calls that deliver a prerecorded message. Robocalls are used for a variety of purposes, many of which are scams. For example, some robocalls personalize the message to appear that a live person is making the call. Signs of a robocall include a pause or clicking noise at the start of the call or a prerecorded message at the start of a call. Unfortunately, many people believe that they are powerless to stop these calls. Luckily for consumers, this isn’t true. If you are a victim of telemarketer harassment, please review the information below and contact a Florida TCPA attorney as soon as possible to discuss your compensation options.   

Robocall Facts

Robocalls are a far greater problem than most people realize. The numbers are quite staggering. For example, the Robocall Index reports that 4.7 billion robocalls were placed in July 2019 alone. This breaks down to: 

  • 150.8M robocalls per day
  • 6.3M robocalls per hour
  • 1.7K robocalls per second
  • 14.2 robocalls per consumer

In addition:

  • Approximately 44% of robocalls were scams 
  • 12% of robocalls were from telemarketers
  • Approximately one-third of all robocalls are considered high risk or nuisance
  • Robocall user feedback has increased
  • The use of invalid phone numbers by telemarketers is on the rise

What can I do about robocalls?

You don’t have to accept robocalls as a daily part of life. There are several things you can do to fight back, including:

  • Register with the National Do Not Call Registry
  • Submit a complaint to the FCC
  • Hire a Florida TCPA attorney

Contact Our Experienced Attorney Today 

If you are a victim of unwanted robocalls, you need a Florida TCPA attorney on your side. With the assistance of an experienced Florida lawyer, you may be entitled to up to $1500 for each documented violation of the TCPA law. Unsolicited robocalls are not only annoying—they’re against the law. Debt collection calls, advertisements, fraudulent schemes to swindle consumers out of money, identity theft scams, and calls seeking personal information are just a few of the types of calls with which today’s consumers find themselves bombarded.

If you are a victim of telemarketer harassment of any kind, Seth Lehrman is here to help. Attorney Seth Lehrman represents people who have received unwanted calls or texts in TCPA cases in Florida and nationwide. If you have received unsolicited calls or have been subjected to other harassing behavior by telemarketers, please contact our law firm for a free consultation.