Lehrmanclassaction.com discusses how federal lawmakers seek to stop unwanted robocalls.

Federal Lawmakers Seek to Stop Unwanted Robocalls

Federal lawmakers recently introduced legislation intended to provide Americans with relief from unwanted robocalls. With the introduction of the Traced Act and the Stopping Bad Robocalls Act, lawmakers have put telemarketers on notice regarding unwanted robocalls. The Traced Act addresses the use of spoofed calls with fake caller IDs, while the Stopping Bad Robocalls Act […]

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Seth Lehrman discusses the most common credit report errors and solutions.

Common Credit Report Errors (and Solutions)

Credit report errors can have a devastating effect on your financial situation. Things, like buying a home, applying for a credit card, and even entering certain professions, can hinge on the accuracy of your credit report. Therefore, it is imperative that you take steps to correct credit report errors before they negatively impact your life. […]

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Take legal action against telemarketer harassment

Can I Take Legal Action Against Telemarketers?

We’ve all received unwanted phone calls or texts from telemarketers. In fact, telemarketers often persist in contacting us even after we’ve asked them to stop. Sadly, many people believe that they are powerless to stop telemarketer harassment. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. What most people don’t realize is that there are strict […]

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How to Choose a Class Action Attorney in Florida

Businesses often engage in deceptive practices that harm consumers. Abusive robocalls, bait-and-switch advertising, and other unscrupulous business practices are a major problem in Florida and the United States. These kinds of practices not only harm consumers, but they often violate both state and federal laws in the process. One way in which aggrieved consumers can […]

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Here’s What to Do When Debt Collectors Break the Law

A law called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is intended to protect consumers from aggressive debt collectors and agencies. When a debt collector violates this law, he or she faces serious potential consequences. If you’ve been negatively affected by a debt collector’s illegal practices, there are several actions you may take to remedy […]

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How to Tell if a Debt Collector is Breaking the Law

Laws dictate what debt collectors are and aren’t allowed to do. Unfortunately, some debt collectors ignore these laws, harassing and even threatening debtors in the process. If you’ve recently been contacted by a debt collector, it’s important to understand your rights. Review the following list of ways that debt collectors break the law, and immediately […]

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An Overview of Illegal Debt Collection Practices

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is designed to protect consumers by prohibiting unscrupulous debt collection practices. However, this doesn’t always prevent debt collectors from using illegal methods to coerce debtors into making payments. Luckily, when debt collectors violate the FDCPA, affected debtors have several legal options available. With the assistance of a Florida […]

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What is a Class Representative?

A single class action lawsuit can involve thousands of plaintiffs. However, if each of these plaintiffs were to communicate with the court and the other party or parties, things could quickly get out of hand. It is for this reason that each class action lawsuit is initiated by a class representative. A class representative is […]

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Trial Victory

In May 2018, class action attorneys Seth Lehrman and Brad Edwards preserved their trial victory over the Trump organization through a settlement that required the Trump organization to immediately pay $5.4 million. The payout, representing 95% of the total judgment, ended more than four years of litigation, including two appeals, depositions of both Eric Trump […]

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