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What is an Identity Theft Affidavit?

Identity theft is an increasing problem in the United States. After an identity theft incident, there are several steps that victims should take to ensure that they obtain the justice they deserve. Often, this process involves a document called an identity theft affidavit. An identity theft affidavit is used by victims of identity theft to […]

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Identity Theft and the U.S. Armed Forces

The members of the U.S. Armed Forces face many obstacles in their chosen line of work. Surprisingly, one such obstacle is identity theft. In fact, active duty service members file identity theft complaints at much higher rates than civilian consumers. In this article, we examine identity theft and the U.S. Armed Forces.  Military Personnel are […]

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Recent Case Illustrates the Dangers of Identity Theft

Identity theft is the act of stealing someone’s personal information and using it for illegal purposes, such as withdrawing money, filing tax returns, opening credit accounts, and making insurance claims. In this article, we examine a recent identity theft case and explain how to check for signs of identity theft.  A Recent Example The New […]

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Preventing Senior Identity Theft

Although everyone is a potential identity theft victim, senior citizens are particularly vulnerable. In fact, seniors lose approximately $3 billion every year in financial scams. Therefore, seniors and their loved ones must always remain vigilant for signs of identity theft. In this article, we discuss how to prevent senior identity theft.   What Makes Seniors Vulnerable […]

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Is Identity Theft on the Rise?

Identity theft is a major problem in the U.S. Every day, people have their identities stolen, costing them money, time, and peace of mind. And unfortunately, reported incidents of identity theft rise each year. In fact, identity theft surged in 2021, presumably due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, even with the pandemic behind us, identity […]

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Is Identity Theft Considered a White-Collar Crime?

Identity theft affects people of all ages and income brackets in the United States. In fact, identity theft costs victims billions of dollars each year—and the problem is only getting worse. Clearly, identity theft is illegal and creates widespread harm. However, is identity theft considered a white-collar crime? In this article, we answer this question […]

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An Overview of Different Types of Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs when a thief uses another person’s personal or financial data for monetary gain. Common targets of identity theft include Social Security numbers, birthdates, names, addresses, driver’s license information, and financial account numbers. In today’s digital world, everyone is a potential victim of identity theft. However, not many people understand the ways in […]

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Phishing Attacks and Identity Theft

A phishing attack is an online scam in which a fraudster sends an email that appears to be from a reputable source with the goal extracting personal information from the target. Once such information is obtained, criminals use it in several ways, one of which is to commit identity theft. In this article, we examine […]

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Identity Theft and the Elderly

The number of identity theft victims in the U.S. increases every year. Unfortunately, a large percentage of victims are elderly. In this article, we examine why the elderly are vulnerable to identity theft, common identity theft scams perpetrated against the elderly, and ways to prevent identity theft.  Reasons Identity Thieves Target the Elderly  There are […]

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